Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Awesomeness Here!!!

Hello again! 
Its been a while. I know, I know, "Where have you been? Why haven't you blogged? Why are you so freakishly awesome?" Well, we eventually ended up in Annapolis, Maryland for the boat show occurring there, and while we were there, our boat started costing more, and more, and more money, so much that we eventually had to sell it :-(. In happier news, I finally turned thirteen! For my birthday, I had Key Lime Pie (my favorite!), and I got a bracelet from my sister and new E-books from my parents! Thanks guys!  
After we got land-locked, we leased a grayish-blue Subaru Outback and began heading south for the winter. As we went down, we stayed with various friends down the coast, got to Florida, stayed in a good friend's cabin for a couple of weeks, left again to rent a house from that good friend of ours and that is where we will be for the next couple of months. Oh, and we went up north again to Alabama for Christmas at our grandparents house. So, I'm sorry about the not blogging thing. I hope I remember to keep going. and to your last question, I am just naturally that way ;-). 

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