Saturday, June 15, 2013


         So, I haven't posted in a while because now that our boat is in Albany,  all we are doing is some minor touch-ups. I'm bored,  so I am writing this. By the way, when I blog to you, I am actually typing about things that have already happened.  So what you see posted, actually probably happened a few days before!

Well, that is it. L8r! Please post comments!

Monday, June 10, 2013

New York, New York

       have you ever been to New York, New York? the sights there are awesome! you can see the statue of liberty (and really up close if you are on a boat! :-)), helicopters whizzing by, the large crowd of sight-seers, and really, really tall buildings! I SAW THE FREEDOM TOWER! here are the pics I took while I was there (please note that  the pictures might be lopsided, but you try and take a picture in a crowded city on a rocking boat!):

(sorry that there are no pictures of the statue of liberty or the freedom tower. I seemed to have misplaced them and I will post them ASAP.)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

sunsets rule

I know that you've probably seen a sunset before. I have yet to see a sunset that isn't pretty. but the sunsets on a boat are a whole different story. you can nearly see every color of the rainbow in those things!!! so, I've decided to post some up for you to see. tell me what you think!





Beach Pictures

Here are the pics of the beach:


It truly, truly does
This was the path we walked to get there

the rocks may hurt, but I LOVED it!!!

that is my shadow... I think...
the flowers there are GORGEOUS!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

livin' by the beach

okay, for those of you who haven't been to a real beach (not those sandy-spots-by-the-lake kind), then you should totally start packing for the nearest ocean. it  is incredible. I will try to post some pics later.
       I think that my favorite part about the beach is the shell/rock hunting. I like the conch shells the best. I also like those smooth, white rocks you find at the water line. what is your favorite part?
       I think that there are no bad parts about the beach. there are only good parts, and better parts. an example of a good part is sand castle building, or letting the sun tan your skin. better parts are the hot sand between your toes and the finding of a really interesting shell, that you will hide in your pocket to smuggle home. what is your good and better?  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our Master Plan

         Okay, so for those of who do not know what my family and I are planning to do with our boat Fortuitous, then continue reading. for the rest of you, this is just review:

       So, our plan is simple. We are going to sail the boat up to Maine about July 1st, then, I will keep you posted on our travels down the east coast and into the Caribbean, where we might-might, cross the ocean into the Mediterranean. its a maybe.
        currently, we are sailing our boat from where it was located, Newport, RI, to near our house, in Albany, NY, so it is more accessible when we want to move it back up to Maine.

yeah, maybe it is not that simple.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

First time living on the boat!

Guess what? My familys new second-hand 52' nauitcat sailboat, Fortuitious, is in the water and is sailable! I am currently typing to you in the comfort of my new birth (a birth is what boaters call a bedroom).
This is the first time i have slept in my birth and let me tell you, between the gentile rocking of the boat and the soft, comfortable bed, i slept like a rock!
While on Fortuitious, my family and i are planning to set sail for the first time, but that takes a lot of preperation! We need to put the sails up, fix the motor, rig the mast, and that is just the beginning!
We are going to take the boat from Rhode Island down to Albany, New York so we can reach the boat much easier. I plan to keep you posted on our progress and tell you all about it! Keep tabs!