Sunday, June 2, 2013

First time living on the boat!

Guess what? My familys new second-hand 52' nauitcat sailboat, Fortuitious, is in the water and is sailable! I am currently typing to you in the comfort of my new birth (a birth is what boaters call a bedroom).
This is the first time i have slept in my birth and let me tell you, between the gentile rocking of the boat and the soft, comfortable bed, i slept like a rock!
While on Fortuitious, my family and i are planning to set sail for the first time, but that takes a lot of preperation! We need to put the sails up, fix the motor, rig the mast, and that is just the beginning!
We are going to take the boat from Rhode Island down to Albany, New York so we can reach the boat much easier. I plan to keep you posted on our progress and tell you all about it! Keep tabs!

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