Thursday, August 8, 2013


         so, I just got back from a cruise in the Mediterranean, (which my family did because we didn't think that we could sail there) and let me tell you, that was the first time that I have left the states (other than South Canada, which barely counts) AND IT IS SOOOOOOOOOO DIFFERENT!!! you see people smoking in public places! people swim naked! if you go into a Turkish store, you have to like, buy something! (and even though these are negative things, everything else was AWESOME!)
        my favorite place was Mykonos, a Greek island that's buildings glow white in the bright shining sun, and the ancient temples and shrines and amphitheaters were incredible! just imagine, people thousands of years ago building great feats of art and building structure. in the amphitheaters, the Greeks didn't even need to raise there voices during plays or speeches to be heard because of how well the theaters where designed! even today, scientists are befuddled on how the Greeks did it, because they cant even recreate it! amazing, right?
        I also found  that I liked London, because I liked their fish and chips and their accents are always fun to listen to (;-)). the Buckingham palace was also fun to look at, and I got to see the crown jewels! as my sister always says, "oooh, spaaaaarrrrkkkllllyyyyy...." you got that right, sis!
       in whole, Europe was a very fascinating place.  if you have never gone, go. if you have, go again. TTYL, and keep commenting!


  1. Ha! Glad you enjoyed it, kiddo! I did too, and canct wait to go through all the photos. Keep writing, this one tickled me. :)

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